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What you can expect with an Owner-Builder Project.

Every client receives a 3-D computer generated design to get a vision of what your pool will look like in your yard. These incredibly realistic renderings allow you to see all the elements of your pool design as they integrate to your home and backyard. At this stage, you can make revisions and improvements as necessary. Once you decide on the final design, you will receive construction plans and engineering that will be ready for you to submit for permits.

You will then need to line up your sub-contractors for each phase. If you choose the Dreamscape Designs full owner-builder package, you will receive a list of reputable sub-contractors for each phase

The excavation crew will lay out your pool on the ground with tape measures and spray paint according to the dimensions provided on your plans. Once you approve of the final position and shape of you pool, the crew will proceed on to the process of excavating the grass, underlying soil and rock in order to prepare the site for the next phase. At this time any trees still in the path of the pool will be assessed and removed.

During this phase, the steel schedule engineering is now put into play. The steel contractor will use these plans along with your pool plans to form the pool in the hole that was just dug out by the excavation crew. This will be the skeleton and internal framework for your pool.

Rough plumbing and electrical is the process for witch all pipe and conduit are put together and laid in the tranches around your pool and to the location of the equipment pad. The plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical meets the necessary city and state codes.

This stage in the process is one of the most fun to watch. A crew will come in with a couple of large trucks and hoses that are used to mix and pump the gunite to your backyard. This is when you pool really starts to take shape. The workers on this crew are true artists that sculpt your pool into shape.

Once the gunite shell has cured the appropriate amount of time, your selection of waterline and trim tile will be installed. This will set your pool to be perfectly level. If you have chose a brick or natural stone coping, it will also be installed at this time. If you have decided to go with a concrete coping, that will be installed at the time of the concrete deck. You can get a head start with your material selections here at National Pool Tile, with the NPT online catalog.

All stone and rock work will now be done per the design. All rocks waterfalls and raised wall materials will be installed with your selected materials.

This is the perimeter area surrounding your pool. At this stage you have the options to make adjustments to the shape or location of your concrete. Keep in mind there may be additional expenses with any added square feet of concrete and steps. There are many types of concrete finishes, textures, and colors to choose from.

It is important to have your pool equipment installed shortly after the concrete is poured and has some time to cure. The equipment is a large part of your project cost, and an imperative part to complete the next stage of your pool project. It is strongly suggested to wait until after the concrete is done to install your pool equipment. Your equipment needs to be fully functional for the final phase to be complete. The water needs to start circulation immediately after the pool is filled with water.

The interior finish is the final stage of construction. The interior finish of your choice, whether it be a smooth finish plaster, quartz, or pebble finish is pumped onto the surface and hand troweled by a team of finishers. Depending on which material you have chosen to install, the pool will be filled with water to begin the 28-day curing process either the day of installation or the day after. It is important to not stop the filling process until the water has reached the middle of the skimmer opening. Doing so will cause rings to be stained in your pool surface and cause irregular curing rates and discoloration.



The start-up process is vital in the life and aesthetic of your pool finish. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to brush the entire surface of the pool along with hiring and adhering to the start-up guidelines by the National Plasters Council. (NPC) This is a link to proper start-up procedure per the NPC. It is advised to hire a professional pool service company to perform the chemical start-up, and get the pool balanced correctly.

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